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The vacuum cups shown in this site represent some of the finest solutions to applications involving the use of vacuum in the world. Most of these cups are maintained in stock for immediate shipment.

The designs are the result of years of experience as a result of our own use and those of our customers. Our distinctive blue cups are recognised the world over as a sign of quality. We are the original Blue Cup people and the only name you need when you require a vacuum cup solution.

Selecting a Vacuum Cup

Step 1

 Select the size by determining the best seal or picking area - ideally you are seeking a smooth surface to achieve a good  seal. If you are not sure of the lifting capacity of the different cups you can use the Lifting Forces chart on this site.

 The larger the cup the more lifting force will be available. If however, a single cup cannot be used consider multiple  mountings of smaller cups on a manifold block.

Step 2

 Select your preferred vacuum cup style in the vacuum cup catalogue. For example, if the sealing area is not smooth,  consider a featheredge cup (e.g. VC2E) and if a pulling motion or immediate lift is required consider a bellow style cup  (e.g.VC32C).

Step 3

 Find the matching or corresponding diameter as illustrated in the detailed specifications.

 If you cannot find a suitable cup or you would like help in making your selection please contact us and we will be happy to  help.

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